She was afraid to ask for a new set of utensils

  • She was afraid to ask for a new set of utensils and just couldn't stand it anymore, so she got up and hid in the bathroom.
  • Luckily Pam brought some of Elijah's casserole in her pocket. But, right, what to eat it with? She looked around the bathroom... "INCENSE CHOPSTICKS." Pam knew she just invented
  • possibly the greatest tool known to mankind. Ohhh boy was this going to be just a diddly darn jolly bucket o' fun indeed. Snatching the chopsticks from the cabinet, she devoured
  • The raw sushi meant to be eaten by Saki. When Saki returned, he asked her what happened to his dinner. She said she didn't know. "Don't lie to me!", Saki shouted.
  • Saki was so enraged by his wife that he failed to notice the sushi ghosts swarming him and feeding from his life force, until it was too late. Now dead, Saki was in a better
  • mood, and decided to forgive his wife. But now that he was a ghost, Saki only frightened her. "It was only until death," she told him, "so technically we are not married any more."
  • "That makes sound, logical sense," Saki replied, "you were always the smart one in our marriage." They smiled. With his ghostly mission complete, Saki finally found peace. The end.
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