The efficiency expert smirked at me from

  • The efficiency expert smirked at me from behind her desk. "So, Jim, it says here you're a Junior Executive Coordinator. In your own words, what would you say you do around here?"
  • Play flash games and be as negligibly existent as possible so as not to rock the boat that is the sinking ship we call our company. I'm also writing my résumé for my next job. You?
  • "M-me? Huum.... I, I, I'm also writing my résumé..... yeah, thats it, for my next job...." I panicked, I lied, I was really writing a death threat to my boss. But this sinking ship
  • had been abandoned by the rats, & I felt no loyalty to Capt. Flint. "Who can trust a talking parrot", say I. "That's no résumé. It's the black spot!" said Silver, the Captains 2nd.
  • Squawkers waited patiently. Silver was merely the Captain's 2nd in command. Squawker's doesn't debase himself with the help. So Squawker's wing-slapped him. "Get the captain before
  • Bungalow Bill shows up! Heigh-ho, Silver!" Squawkers joked, but was serious about his orders. Bungalow Bill was Squawkers' greatest enemy, the cause of all this confusion. "We must
  • avoid Bungalow Bill at all costs, ya hear me?" Squawkers agreed hastily and flew up into the sky to get a better look at their surroundings. "Silver through a jungle? Ye must be
  • Kidding me " Bungalow Bill and his mum went hunting daily, and brought us all sorts of treats to cook in the fireplace. Our neighbours were jealous, but they could only buy meat.
  • Then one day the neighbor told Bungalow Bill about a couple of tigers that had been seen in the next village. Bungalow Bill got excited. He had never brought down a tiger.
  • "Hey tigers! You're ugly!" Bill yelled at them, but it didn't bring them down. They pounced upon Bill and had him for brunch., just as they had been brought up to do.


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