It eludes definition just as it eludes itself;

  • It eludes definition just as it eludes itself;
  • when language attempts to explain itself it's a verbal uroboros, a chain of words whose meaning is defined by their context.The head of this sentence knows not what the tail is doi
  • ng, and the placement of words may give the breath of this sentence a pattern of its own, where the subjects of discussion and the verb that places this story in time are like
  • their own mimetic exercise in being autological vis a vis turpitude among the Silent Brethren. How else to explain their goosestepping to and fro like they were loose schlepping to
  • the tiles as if incontinent but fit, probably due to the electrolytes in the air? The Silent Brethen flagellated themselves with feathers at the slightest noise. They were sadists.
  • But their sadistic methods were so lame that the Silent Brethren were known as the Happiest Sadists on Earth. Their silent screams only made their jawlines more delineated, and
  • their Death by Chocolate routine only made their homeless victims happily nourished. They never killed anyone, usually because the Brethren ate so much of the chocolate themselves.
  • In fact, the Death by Chocolate routine quickly proved to be so popular that Brother Jacobs, a former business student, realised they could be raking in the cash.
  • He obsessed over it, and before long he had bought more chocolate than his wallet could take. With ‘Death by Chocolate’, he earnestly believed they could earn it all back. Right?
  • They came up 3 drams short and were spaced out near the Horsehead Nebula. The restaurant, instead of removing it from the menu, only increased the price to pay for extra insurance.


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