i was going to my guitar class in the yew

  • i was going to my guitar class in the yew tee community centre when, i got there i was panic -stricken to see a group of zombies playing guitar and singing a lullaby and walking

  • toward me.I ran out from that area to save my precious life from that ugly yet horrible looking zombies

  • , but apparently I wasn't running fast enough. Some of the zombies seemed to have incredible athletic abilities, which was unusual. The "How To Deal With A Zombie" book which I

  • had bought from Amazon was of no help. Being chased by the Zombies, I stopped in an amusement park. I looked in the funhouse mirror. I was a zombie too.

  • I don't feel like a zombie!! How did it happen? Did I fall and break my neck? That might be why I'm holding my head to one side and limping. My leg hurts, my arm hurts, my last

  • drink the night before must have also made a mess of me... Which probably explains how I got bitten, and also explains the whole zombie thing. Yeah... Anyways, about Dracula...

  • Dracula was a putz. Whenever we ended up making rounds at the bars, he never seemed to have the cash to cover his tabs. I'd been getting real tired of bailing out the guy, who ha

  • d been hitting the midnight Red Cross blood drives where I volunteered, embarrassing me in front of my fellows. The invisible man, on the other hand, was a real dirty pervert. He

  • Was always everywhere, every time, anytime, and anywhere. No matter where I turned to look, I would be forced to look directly into his eyes. Got to be annoying after awhile.

  • It was the museum of a million paintings, and no matter where you walked, they were judging you. Judging. Condemning. The faces of the dead. Persecuting me. No one must die.



  1. zxvasdf Feb 11 2015 @ 23:26

    Andrew, dude, me too! Everyday, every waking hour, no, minute, I feel the fuckin' invisible guy starin' right in me ocular faculties. I often reach out and sometimes realize it might not be a guy...

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