The two girls clung to each other digging

  • The two girls clung to each other digging their nails deep. Slowly they approached the shed door. The growling from within the shed grew fierce. Through the panels yellow eyes
  • were starting to tear up. The girls looked at each other, "He has the jaundice". Since they were both studying to be nurses, they opened the shed doors, only to see the poor yellow
  • bellied sap sucker kick the bucket. The Beckys said, "There's no pulse Doctor. You'll have to reanimate". Brian attached the spoon electrodes & pushed the wires into the toaster
  • who was actually really good. He was in toast masters. With the wires in his back, and the glass raised he said, "Hericlitus was once asked
  • ..." Someone in the back of the audience snickered. "Hericlitis?! Mmmphff..." He was prompted to continue: "You cannot step twice into the same river. The End. Thank you." He sat
  • down but the chair collapsed. Everyone chortled some more. He thought he way down out of here was the same as the way up so he might as well go & get pissed. Heraclitus went to
  • Athens for a gyro and a metric tonne of absinthe. Three years later, he was as drunk as he had ever been -- and the next day, severely hung over. He crawled through a pool of his
  • His own vomit, which was still not forgotten almost four years later when this story was finished. Someone filmed it and it went viral, much to his disgust. When sober, it was
  • a man's worst folding story nightmare. The video was very popular, gaining hundreds of views per decade. He vomited again.
  • His cat Monty then licked the puke off the floor, spitting out 80's colored carpet hairs occasionally. "Monty, no!" he proclaimed. It was too late. His cat was now a crime fighter.


  1. benjaminie May 13 2016 @ 12:29

    What a story!

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