Kim and Dennis passed a sign reading "Joint

  • Kim and Dennis passed a sign reading "Joint Security Area PANMUNJOM. Worlds most dangerous golf course. As featured on Sports Illustrated. Par 3. 192 Yards. Danger live mines".
  • Kim and Dennis paid the sign no attention. They were in hot, summertime love. They gazed into each other's eyes as they laid out their picnic blanket in the mine field.
  • Why must love be a battlefield? You try to procreate and BOOM genital mutilation. Poor Dennis. Luckily, Kim packed napkins, so she was able to sop up all the
  • gravy off his khakis. They were his lucky pants after all. After clean up, Dennis and Kim limped back to the shuttle stop. The tour had not gone as hoped. Dennis's proposal plan
  • had failed miserably and he felt that the only chance of redemption would come about through fellatio. Kim was well aware of the powers his tongue possessed, and his desire to
  • please her showed what an all round good guy he was. But Kim wanted more: new curtains. Hiis cash was all going on steak tartare to keep his strength up for the prodigious bouts of
  • cancer ripping it's way through his body. Kim didn't know about the cancer. He didn't think she could handle it. First, new curtains, then break the news of the cancer, that was th
  • e only way. Leaving the curtain shop with arms full, he wondered why he went for the floral daggers, they were repeated forever in an uncomfortable silhouettes which wrapped around
  • small bones and large white blood stained skulls. This may have been an inappropriate choice for the child's room, but it was his own, and of that he was proud. As he approached
  • puberty,he regressed (as pubescent teens are apt to do), painting giraffes & airplanes over the skull motif..except for the poster of Beyonce he taped on the ceiling over his bed.


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