Ugh my mother makes me so mad. After are

  • Ugh my mother makes me so mad. After are argument lastnight i was so upset. I mean really was it that bad of a request? All I asked for was to
  • rub her down with hot body oils
  • LOL haha
  • very funny of you! that is all I have to say to that remark... Anyways whats up with Hot Pocket? I swear I've lost more money then ever buying tons of toilet paper because of the
  • Dark Lord, Voldemort, burning down all the Hot Pockets factories. Now, the few that were left sold for
  • midgets to fight the dark lord and
  • then all of a sudden, a large cat was spit out from the bowels of the Earth, causing an aftershock of massive earthquakes and forever changing the Earth. Then a swole man came out
  • and started flexin on me and my boys so later that night we chillin til one of the boys suggested we ride on these haters so im like ight im down lets go roll on some bustas and
  • we was like dag they look good lets go holla who ever wrote this is..
  • not very smart and uneducated.


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