The old age of Singapore was terrible as

  • The old age of Singapore was terrible as it was during the war.The Japanese Occupation destroyed Singapore until Japanese surrendered to the British.
  • But the British had been discredited as protector of Singaporan interests and a gradual transition to self-rule began. During this time of turmoil the Dragon's Claw secret society
  • formed, disbanded, formed again, then split into five separate sub-societies, one for each claw of the Dragon's left foot. A rival society, the Dragon's Muzzle, also formed to
  • make things even more complicated. The Dragon's Muzzle Society met every third Thursday at Jake's on the strip and drank cheap beer and salsa until they could breathe fire.
  • Little did they know that this ritual would bond them in a way that would be especially important in the future when the encountered evil beings from the far reaches of the galaxy.
  • But that was 8 Emmy award winning seasons, 3 feature movies, 1 mockumentary, many lawsuits, and the death of a parakeet on live television away. For now though, the ritual set back
  • to my life had been 17.3 pounds of hard fat around my thighs. This always made things harder.
  • This fat would not go away unless I took special vitamins, so I did that and cut down on gluten and carbohydrates. The latter helped more than expected. I am now healthy as a horse
  • and can neigh with the best of them. I may not always know what I am neighing but at least when another horse neighs back at me I've never noted any anger at what I am neighing.
  • And that my friends is the story of how Mr. Ed came to meet his mother.


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