The woman stood there with the smoking gun

  • The woman stood there with the smoking gun in her hand. Her victim lay there, still as anything.
  • she felt a burning sensation and her mouth filled with blood she fell to the ground gasping for air someone shot her from behind
  • It was a woman. The woman, the one they had been warning me about. She was the one who shot me.
  • Trying to avoid her I ducked into the alley. The smell of garbage nearly overwhelming me. I have to stay lucid or I was a dead man. My thoughts are
  • wandering all over the place. STOP IT! Concentrate you fool. I shook my head trying to clear it, the garbage and dumpsters in the alley swimming in my vision. I must
  • focus, stay alert, not get distracted! Loose debris floated down the alley, which had become flooded since the downpour started. That reminded me I need to stop and get some
  • new shower curtains, maybe one with a periodic table. My Geo Metro hydroplaned through the street. All the traffic seemed to be going the other way. Boy, its getting dark.
  • Happy to be avoiding all the traffic, I drove another 5 miles toward to coast.The wind was whipping my GeoMetro pretty hard now, but no way was I gonna miss my date with Wanda.
  • The wind picked up even more. The GeoMetro's roof ripped off, but busty Wanda was waiting. I floored it. The windshield shattered. The doors blew off. The trunk whipped up into
  • a fondue of cheap metal and sheared Chinese screws. By the time I found busty Wanda, all I had was a steering column and forward axle. Good thing she's not a classy chick.


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