As I listened to the pop song for the hundred

  • As I listened to the pop song for the hundred and twenty-second time, the lyrics finally began to make sense to me. I understood its message at last. The end is near! An apocalypse
  • could be prevented only if I'd listen to the song exactly 2012 times.1890 days I spent in a cave with only a crank-powered stereo.When I finally emerged,the world had changed.I saw
  • nothing worth noting and at a potpie. Now, how did that lead to me giving a bath to a large
  • Porkpie hat? And a Stout, to boot. A boot of Stout. A snoot of trout. A snootie trout. A Congress of Baboons and a Parliament of Owls murdered counting crows...
  • This was Rome 2.0 and it creeped me out! The stuff nightmares are made of, my Aunt Florence reminded me. She was my spiritual master. The grammophone played classical music, which
  • settled upon the mood in the room like a chilly wet blanket. Normally I liked Vivaldi, but tonight the violins screeched, and I shrieked. I ran from Rome 2.0
  • feeling I would have better luck with Pink Lady 3s. Now that is an apple! What better way to end the day when even Vivaldi felt scalding? A piece of fruit and a glass of
  • Belgian ale large enough to choke a hippopotamus, that was the refreshment I was after! I would have to go to the zoo and get a hippo bucket, though, and that would take time. So I
  • went into my garage and found my trusty scooter. This baby could make almost 30 mph in fair winds, or good favor. Today, I would trust in good favor to deliver me to the zoo for
  • petting the monkeys and possibly even feed them bananas. This is something me and my daughter have been wanting to do for quite a while. Today will be a good day. Howdy'ho old pal.


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