"Excuse me, miss, do you have a minute to

  • "Excuse me, miss, do you have a minute to talk about--" Olivia held up her hand to silence the boy before he could finish speaking, refusing the pamphlet he held out. She was in a
  • slow hurry and had places to depart. Olivia brushed past the boy and eventually held up her hand again, but with her other hand resting on a bible.
  • The boy noticed the Bible in her other hand more than he noticed the one that was being held up in his face. He had not expected it of Olivia. She seemed so... so... he wasn't sure
  • "You need Jesus!" Olivia insisted. I shook my head. She knew I wasn't religious, so why was she acting like this? "Olivia, you need to calm down," I said slowly.
  • "Oh YOU," Olivia cried. "You're making fun of me! You're verbally abusing me!" It was then I noticed her T-shirt. It said "Keep Calm and Trust Jesus." "Oh no, I didn't mean..." I
  • stuttered. There I go, sticking my foot in my mouth again. "Let me make it up to you," I said holding out my hand. "How 'bout dinner? Let's start all over again." Olivia blushed &
  • drooled a little. She always reacted rhat way when she anticipated treats. I removed the evidence and put out a fresh spread. "Here," I offered. "How about a nice juicy
  • steak?" I said passing it to her. "You deserve it." She gave me a huge smile and tore apart the steak.
  • with 4 inch retractable incisors. Meat & blood flecked my Dinner suite. "Waiter", I called, "another T-bone & be quick, don't bother to grill it, just bring it on raw. My date lick
  • ed the pattern off her dinner plate after devouring the T-bone in 2 bites, then turned to me with a glint in her eyes. "Be gentle with me!" I burbled--then everything went dark.


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