i was in health class when all of a sudden

  • i was in health class when all of a sudden some kid blurts out welcome to
  • the crazy party train! I got up and started to dance and...
  • started to boogie oogie woogie all night long
  • . It was a real scorcher, we were making the floor boards jump and drinking the Coca-Cola and eating the free soda crackers. The band was possessed by the ghost of Cab Calloway.
  • I couldn't keep up for the sole reason of volume. More than its due worth, but you can't tell the truth to other people. I had to look up Cab Calloway on Wikipedia so his ghost
  • writer would have the proper background material on Cab Calloway. What a mooch I thought. The ghost writer just hung onto the coat tails of my awesome research. Resentment
  • flooded through me. Suddenly I felt angry. I was going to kill that writer no matter
  • how much he begged me not to. With his slick words and smooth talk he wrestled to find the next metaphor. I leaned over to pick up the
  • mic. "Screw your horrible metaphors!", i screamed at him. "Welcome to reality, bitch!" I flipped him off, twirled in a pirouette and stalked off to sulk in a convenient corner.
  • The clerk Abu held up olympic scoring cards: 4 for originality 4 for trying and 10 for melodrama.


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