"Never play with your butt-plug" Nathaniel's

  • "Never play with your butt-plug" Nathaniel's father had told him when he was small - and he'd always heeded the advice. Until one day, curiosity gaining the upper hand, he pulled t
  • -the plug in the middle of school. Noxious fumes began to radiate uncontrollably, unfortunately for Nathaniel's classmates. The principal sent him home for his father to deal with.
  • Nate's father Ned couldn't fix the plug either, but he was determined to put a stop to it somehow. So he called and asked Dr. Lufhertz to stop by and probe the matter.
  • Dr. Lufthertz came in through the back. "What's this about a broken plug?" Nate's Farther Ned made a fist and said, "Damn it doc. Damn it all to hell."
  • Dr. Lufthertz said, "Farther Ned, if you stay way over there, I won't be able to help you." Farther Ned put a bucket on a skateboard, shoved it over to the Dr. and told him
  • "I'm not coming out until it is safe. I have to be sure you aren't one of them, use the bucket to give me all of your
  • identification papers & then slide the bucket slow...I SAID S-L-O-W-L-Y towards me. Do not make any superfluous moves while I inspect your credentials!!" First thing I noticed was
  • that she seemed to be drooling at the sight of the bucket. Poor girl - it must've been ages since she last got off. "Look, Miss...uh..." She glared at me. "Esidan. Marian Esidan."
  • But names are meaningless in this new dog-eat-dog cyber world anyways. I slammed the bucket over the top of her head and flipped the switch. She would be assimilated, just like all
  • good little girls with strawberry curls. In this new world conformity and homogeneity were all that mattered. The cyber lord smiled smugly and moved on to the brunette.


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