The card read "I am a mother-pheasant plucker.

  • The card read "I am a mother-pheasant plucker. I pluck mother pheasants. I am the pleasantest mother pheasant plucker that ever plucked a mother pheasant " This tongue twister slam

  • med into the coalition's fragile psyche with a forceful force's full force. The Coalition Against Little Motherpheasantpluckers (CALM) would not allow this motherplucking bullship

  • to shut the front door. It was enough to yell "Cheese and rice!" The teacher had had enough of little Kimmy's near swearing. How could the teacher punish her for not swearing?

  • Little did little Kimmy know that her teacher had killed over less. She was blissfully unaware of her approaching doom, balanced on the knife-edge of a psychopath's whim.

  • Maxwell entered with his silver hammer, and made sure they both were dead. By the time the police arrived, Maxwell had become a dormouse and they arrested Mr. Kimmy instead.

  • Maxwell snuck away in his dormouse form. Mr. Kimmy insisted he was not guilty and that silver hammer was not his. Still, the officer shoved him into the car and shut the door.

  • Mr.Kimmy couldn't afford an attorney and wasn't looking forward to the court proceedings. The judge ruled him guilty of manslaughter using a silver hammer and sentenced him to

  • read fine print for the next 120 years without sleep or sustenance.

  • 120 years later a skeleton wearing very thick glasses was found on the sidewalk by the Empire State Building. All it's bones were broken, but the glasses were still intact.

  • Emily rubbed the dust off the glasses, and read "Spooky scary skeletons, send shivers down your spine?" and she metamorphosed into a skeleton with thick glasses.



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