"So you see pumpkin spice has over-saturated

  • "So you see pumpkin spice has over-saturated the holiday market. We need a new flavor that is bold ... and yet traditional." One exec piped up, "How 'bout ... gravy?" "YES!"
  • And thus, the gravy range of lattes were born. "I'm a monster if I don't get my Beef Dripping Latte with Whipped Pork Fat of a morning" says satisfied customer, Booboo. Her boyfrie
  • nd wiped the greasy mustache from her upper lip cheerfully. "I can vouch for that!" he quipped & Booboo smacked him on the lips. Mmmm...nothing says lovin' like gravy lattes & pork
  • . They all suddenly died of massive heart attacks. It was a terrible fate, but they were each in a better place.
  • I wonder how it even started...
  • No one really knows. A flash of light, the sound of gun shots, and you realize that you really are a double agent working for the U.S. and Russian intelligence services. I stood
  • like yay high. I love that expression. The only way to get out of your contract with US and Russian intelligence was to immerse yourself into White Guy culture circa 1973.
  • Three years later, I still had scriptophpobia and only carried boojs written by others. 1973 featured some classic books, such as The Exorcist. I wanted to be a witch doctor then.
  • I knew that with all my neighbors burning witches all around me as fast as they could find them that my career as a witch doctor would not be a long one but it was hot right now.
  • My luck changed when a Warlock called George Clooney arrived and turned fire into alcoholic iced tea. With the townspeople drunk and the witches free, I changed my practice to AA!


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