Lenny Takes Over the World for the 463rd

  • Lenny Takes Over the World for the 463rd Time (MLG story) Once upon a time, for the 463rd time, Lenny decided to take over the world again. Yeah, again. With a time machine.
  • Lenny had constructed his time machine out of a whirlpool washing machine,some transistor tubes & a spare flux capacitor. He'd program a spin cycle & get in,so time loops were only
  • three loads away! He could just picture all of the drive-through pranks he could pull with his new DIY time machine. He giggled and stepped in to the modified washing machine.
  • He closed the door behind him and sat down, excited to use the machine. What time should he travel to first? The future? Or the past? And how far? Finally, he decided he would go i
  • nto the the early 1900's he sat the dial, pulled the lever. He began hearing the electrical hum, similar to that of a microwave. The hair on his arms stood on end.
  • He felt time dilate and stretch around him as the fabric of reality was manipulated to his whims. Then, a most unwelcome thought: "Did I leave the stove on?"
  • He had liked that stove & would hate to think that he left that stove thinking that there was ever going to be more between them than man & stove. He just didn't swing that way. He
  • wasn't saying that what happened didn't happen. He was just saying it was what it was. He had reasons that although stupid were important to him at the time. The stove served a pur
  • pose, lets just leave it at that. We moved on with our lives. I started making more money, I got married, we moved to a hew place and got a new stove. I made sure that old stove we
  • Used to save thousands on utility bills stayed. One day, it thanked us for our loyalty and we were stunned that it could speak Queen's English. It learned from us! How cool is that


  1. LordVacuity Feb 07 2018 @ 23:40

    Cool maybe, but I think that guy in that one part want to think that the stove will start talking and what it might say about something that might or might not have happened that one time during the blackout.

  2. LordVacuity Feb 07 2018 @ 23:42

    Oh great! Stoves start talking and I lose my ability to sentence proper.

  3. LordVacuity Feb 07 2018 @ 23:45

    It was November. It was cold. The stove was a heat source. It was a converted wood to natural gas custom job that his family had dragged around with them on the Oregon Trail.

  4. SlimWhitman Feb 08 2018 @ 03:06

    It radiated warmth, and had a shiny brass hook for the wood hatch. That was the beginning of his longing. Long after the Wagon train had formed a circle and the embers had mellowed, he quietly crept towards the iron stove. He had an oven mitt and a plan.

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