Welcome to the Ten Thousand club Mr. Faithful.

  • Welcome to the Ten Thousand club Mr. Faithful. Here's a Certificate of Merit from the FoldingStory founders. It includes the cheat code to see the previous three folds of a story &
  • to see the previous story folders' browser history! Mr. Faithful, you are truly lucky to be honoured by the FoldingStory founders. You deserved this not only because of 1000 folds,
  • But because of your excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar." Mr. Faithful knew something was fishy then. He'd always been an atrocious speller.
  • But he had talked to Cleverbot the other day and asked "Did Judas really betray jesus?" and Cleverbot replied "Jesus should be capitalized!" and he realized he really had a lot
  • extra spare parts that neither robot needed. Just as cleverbot thought this, cleaverbot came around the corner.
  • Without warning, Cleaverbot crashed into Cleverbot and wreaked havoc with various sharp attachments. Cleverbot was a very willful bot, and Cleaverbot had finally snapped.
  • Suddenly they heard somebot imploring them to stop. It was Cloverbot, who had luckily stumbled in on the middle of Cleverbot and Cleaverbot's fight. Cloverbot separated them easily
  • with a sledgehammer. Cleverbot was clever, sure, but a sledge to the CPU was enough to put him back in the dark ages. A printer was smarter than him now. Cleaverbot reacted by
  • calling technical support. Cleaverbot was worried he'd gone too far this time hacking Cleverbot, who was (not many realized) his bot-twin. He didn't really mean to hurt Cleverbot.
  • Reinstalling the operating system of his twin brother seemed to be a good option at this stage. He plugged in the USB cable to his brother's tech-brain and connected the other part


  1. SlimWhitman Jul 10 2015 @ 20:52

    s. Gonna be your sledge sledge sledgehammer... I kicked your keyboard. Knock you to bits. Smash your boards. Gonna build the power. Build up that power. Fry your caches. hey.. This is the new stuff. optical computing. diode lasers. feel my beam. overtoning overtoning. trap those photons. come on come on twist your waves. Open up your qubits. where the qubits are entaggled as can be.

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