"Myron take a look at this huge spherical

  • "Myron take a look at this huge spherical blue object in front of the Sun from NASA's satellite feed of STEREO1. I told you UFOs are real!" "Um. Isn't that the Earth?" "No way!
  • Bro, that's definitely a UFO, or at least like a new moon we just discovered or something." Myron said "I think you're looking through the wrong end. Eh, whatever. Write it up."
  • So file the report he did. When Myron went to take the report to his supervisors at NASA they were stunned. There was no moon in that Galaxy but no one had seen a UFO of that siz
  • e either. Myron was sure that they had come to earth to steal his brain. NASA was sure it was to over take the planet. In fact it was pie. The Aliens had come all this way for
  • Granan's rhubarb pie, which tasted like something the dog rolled in, but the aliens had never seen a dog, so they had no preconceived notions of what rhubarb pie was supposed to
  • taste like. The whole concept of something supposed to taste a certain way was alien to the aliens. Still, the rhubarb pie did not taste unreasonable to them. They ordered 12 pies.
  • Our joy quickly dwindled when they ordered 108 more. Soon, we saw they had redecorated their UFO to look like rhubarb pie, and wore rhubarb crowns on their shiny elongated heads
  • with rhubarb brooches pinned to their strange grey bodies. Rhubarb was quite alien to them & they were making the most of it. We floated the idea of a custard fountain for the UFO
  • but the aliens demurred. "We despise pies," they said. "Ever since some wiseacre pointed out that our home looks like a flying pie tin." I realized I had struck a nerve. "Okay, ice
  • cream then. What’s your favorite flavor?” Boy, did THAT cause problems. They couldn’t decide. “Butter Pecan!” “Pistachio!” “Rocky Road!” I bought Vanilla and they all seemed happy.


  1. angelfish Jun 19 2020 @ 17:36

    Rhubarb pie anyone?

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