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  • Then Kim Kardashian smiled and sipped her drink. "Wow, she's even more messed up than I thought," he said to himself. But if he could play this right, he might just be able
  • to put the noodle in the poodle, if you know what I mean. But what would it cost him, he wondered. Maybe a coupon for lipo? Kim looks pretty hot right NOW, butt she's gonna need
  • touch ups every two months. The bills!!! What it takes to remain "beautiful" costs a fortune. Kim was very convincing. She sidled up to him showing a little leg, talking softly
  • And hiding the credit card of his she had borrowed and never returned. It was now June 2016 and the card had been cancelled, unknown to her.
  • Fast forward to June 2017. Figuring out the card was cancelled, she'd been on hold with customer service for a year waiting to speak to a manager. Listening to muzak all that time
  • had compelled her to think about sharp objects nearby. The customer svc rep was gonna get it
  • "Lady, you need to rethink this!" the service rep cried, dangling under the chandelier he hugged. She stood below with a vrooming chainsaw taken from hardware dept. "You'll refund
  • my money or I'll refund your limbs in a Tupperware storage box!" the angered lady yelled. The service rep had to think quickly. "Now 40% off in aisle 11!" As she ran for the deal,
  • the service rep ran into the office, dialed 911, then opened the safe and pulled out a .44 Magnum snub-nose revolver. He stuck the barrel into his mouth and tasted powder...SPLAT!


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