"The trouble with you Brits," Zac the US

  • "The trouble with you Brits," Zac the US intern opined, "is that you don't say what you mean." "I say exactly what I mean but you don't understand what I'm saying." I retorted. Zac
  • looked at me blankly."Come again?" he asked. Zac was adorable (for an American). I sighed & took him on as my pet project. "You need to learn, Zachary, the magic of the Motherland.
  • " and finally the angry little student had had it. He slapped me and said, "This is the Fatherland! And my name is NOT Zachary!" That terrible little Austrian boy went on to become
  • Known as the Fuhrer. He supposedly faked his own death and lived in South America. The truth will never be known. But I digress. This story has taken four years to finish. Its not
  • for lack of trying, that's for sure.This story's taken so long to finish cuz I write a couple sentences, then I get distracted by Song Pop, FactChecker.com, Macy's one day sales,
  • Facebook emergencies..." Enough, I thought. "Ezra, just stop. I'm glad you've been remeshed, but you sound crazy." He didn't seem to remember we had sent him to the abbatoir. Which
  • meant that they HAD burned the wrong body! Oh My God, they blacked out the teams as well! This is as black as I had ever seen. This was beyond Star Chamber shit. It was in our DNA!
  • We threw the mistakenly charred corpse into the furnace and immediately regretted it as a dreadful smell rose up from the ship's smoke stacks. Cap'n Mark explained it away as a
  • having to burn some spoiled fish carcasses from the storage barrels. The story didn't really fit the smell but most people will believe what they want to believe. Choosing to look
  • at billowing clouds of fish stench as their god, as if the early summer air, wafting aimlessly overhead, was a gift from the Creator, and the pounding thunder the Creator's heart.


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