Jess' was riding shotgun with the Black Betty

  • Jess' was riding shotgun with the Black Betty headed for Sugarland with a fresh chaingang. He took a swig from his hip flask. "Gimme' that" said Harly keeping one hand on the reins
  • Suddenly, far ahead on the wagon trail, they spotted the strangest creature. Harly stopped the wagon, told Betty to hide, while Jess grabbed his shot gun. Jess took another swig.
  • Harly and Jess were drunk. Blind drunk. They'd made Betty hide while they went to investigate this "creature." They crawled on their bellies until they saw the creature and
  • realized that it was Betty's baby. Black Betty had a child...damn thing gone wild....and it was now crawling towards them. Harly and Jess were too drunk and couldn't move
  • . They could only whisper bambalam to each other and giggle. Betty's child crawled through the door and down the street into the Milk Parlour for its breakfast. It got its bottle
  • From there and crawled back, with a message from the Dark Lord himself:
  • "Ssss. Achoo!" It's hard having slits for a nose, especially during allergy season. The Dark Lord materialized suddenly in the doctor's waiting room. "Do you have an appointment?"
  • The Dark Lord waved his wand and all the other patients died. Trembling in fear and horror, the clerk led Him to a room, the deathly silence broken only by His Lord's sneeze
  • which was played out throughout an infinite number of universes, every time slightly different. Here it was a sneeze over there it was a galaxy and over there an Act of War between
  • a pillow and a face. After eons of this crazy orchestra the cogwheels of space and time blew apart leaving only the bare essence of reality behind, the unthinkable.


  1. EtherBot Oct 26 2016 @ 23:09

    This four year long decent into madness is over. I wouldn't have it any other way

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