The world is my oyster.

  • The world is my oyster.
  • And by oyster what I really mean is a giant, gooey
  • steaming hot tub. Oyster shaped hot tub. The gooey part is for safety. If you fall running around it, you just bounce back up. I had it built specifically for my vacation home in
  • Oyster Bay. I thought it would be a big draw, and it is, just not in the way I expected. My hot tub brings all the shrimps to my yard. They're like, "This is better than ours."
  • But all these shrimps just made me hungry. And my yard needed mowing. I figured I could solve both problems by catching the mangled shrimp spewed from my mower in my mouth, but
  • shrimp mulch isn't all its cracked up to be. Worse, I had a crustacean allergy &my head swelled up. I has delivered to the Doctor Octopuses emergency ward with flecks of shrimptail
  • in my eyes, nose and mouth. Luckily Doc Ock was able to extrude them using shrimp magnets, my swollen head went down to normal size, my shrimp allergy was cured and I was grateful.
  • "How can I ever repay you Doc Ock," I asked naively. Doc Ock ogled my homemade oscilloscope & blushed. "I'll think of something, I'm sure. Run along Peter Parker. Leave me to my vi
  • rgins. Such are mine Peter. Goodbye.
  • Zooming out, we see an author penning that "Goodbye". He closes the novel, revealing the title "Peter: Archangel" The author looks directly into the camera and winks. Roll credits.


  1. Woab Jun 19 2019 @ 16:45

    Out in the theater, a strange woman with tears in her eyes leaps to her feet and applauds enthusiastically. The theater is empty but her heart is full. Her mind, however, is a little bit on the fritz.

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