that middle something. it's not hot. it's

  • that middle something. it's not hot. it's not cold. it's not black. it's not white. that middle something. I know I said I was a DEAD END, but I am really that middle something.
  • After a pause, my counselor said, "Well, you do seem healthily self-aware, Mr. Usher and/or Omegacron. Finding oneself in a gray area is a common occurrence for many. And I believe
  • that you are alright. I believed that too before I lost my footing in the middle of the sidewalk, fell on the road and got hit by a truck. Once again I went to the counselor after
  • wards to hate on my husband. "OMG," said my counselor "you look like someone who got hit by a truck!" *I'd rather discuss Dan, that SOB." "But you're bleeding onto my couch!" "Stop
  • focussing on the soft furnishings, madam, and listen to the injuries the foul Dan has inflicted on my heart!" While the counsellor attempted to splint my fractured arm, I waxed ly
  • -rical: "With a broken arm and a broken heart, I will pierce Dan's skin with a poisoned dart!" The councellor pretended not to notice as I dialed Heyheb's Potions with my working
  • phone & put in my order. "13 poisoned darts, please" I whispered. "Yes. Charge to my account. Yes. Overnight delivery, please. I need them asap!" Dan was gonna get it! The BASTARD!
  • The package of poison darts arrived at 9am, so I loaded up and went to find Dan. I got to his workplace and asked to see him, but the manager said he'd fled over the border. Damn!
  • "Mexico?" I said. "No, Canada actually," the manager replied. Serves me right to assume. Well, no time to lose, I thought, grabbing up whatever office supplies I could steal and dr
  • Richards was all I could think about. See, Dr. Richards was always there for me. He was from Canada. Not Mexico. I left the office supplies on the floor. "Why!" "Why! Dr Richards!"


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