He told me I had a superiority complex, but

  • He told me I had a superiority complex, but what does he know - he's beneath me. I folded my arms and then
  • I folded my fold...smugly. Who does he think he is anyway? Does he know who he's dealing with? I no more have a superiority complex than he has a
  • pig that can fly. Or did he? The scientific journals showed that genetic engineering had created a pig that could quack. Would feathers be next or webbed feet? The next experiment
  • Dogs that can moo or penguins that can sing, it is a very important process in
  • creating a cute animal meme. Here, at Fauna Linguistics, we spend hours getting a cat to 'no more' or a dog to say 'Amsterdam is sunny in the Springtime.' Our coaches rely on
  • life.
  • Not an exact definition. No one purpose or meaning. Our live are just here and what we choose to do with them is fully up to us, yet when we do there is always judgement.
  • But you can't live your life always worrying what other wankers are thinking. At least that's what my grandpa told me once. You need to learn to think critically and make
  • your own choices & live with them. What do you care what other people think? Do what you think is right for you & let other's do the same. After Gramps highbrow statements, Grandma
  • smiled wide, as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Now THERE'S the man I married." She said, as the two sat down on the bench. They watched the sunset, and lived happily ever after.


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