"harper lets move to the building", bullets

  • "harper lets move to the building", bullets flew to us but nothing happen we were only focused on saving our president Ronaldo from terrorist.
  • Ronaldo was geneticist Genectail. Ronaldo was a blend of Ronald McDonald and Geraldo Rivera. Who would have guessed the combo would make US President in two weeks? Harper told me
  • In 2014 about how Ronaldo would be reincarnated. It was his sixth life, after all. He was promised many more than that by Judge Dread. Three years after his car crash, he was
  • teaching advanced zumba classes and taking artsy Instagram selfies. To say he'd reached full recovery would be an understatement, though being reincarnated as a
  • Carmelite nun had definitely made things easy. Now that he was a nun, he had far fewer temptations, but he did miss being a gay bachelor. Oh well, now he was Sister Patience and
  • as the famous saying went,"Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet". In all ways possible, Sister Patience was bitter, but his bosom sweet, which is why he had been expanding his
  • Vocabulary so he could finally win the Spelling Bee, a prize he'd wanted since the third grade when he lost to Nerdy Nellie. Yes, he would have to be very, very patient today.
  • Because today was slow motion spelling bee day. The contestants had to enunciate the words and their spelling as slowly as possible. Narly Ernie glared at Nerdy Nellie. She smiled
  • ,"Not so fast, nerf..herd..er!" Nerdy Nellie knew how to stretch out her syllables to last the whole day, and Nasty Ned was never going to figure out how! The slow-mo spelling bee
  • was just beginning; this year it was slower than ever. PSEU...DO...PSEUDO…DO…HY...PO... PAR...A...THY...ROID...IS...M. Nasty Ned sank into a coma and never regained consciousness.


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