This is your brain on foldingstory.

  • This is your brain on foldingstory.
  • Any questions? [Pause] Because if you have any questions, turn them into statements, and put them in the next fold. This will reveal something about your brain.
  • No probs. My questions as statements are: 1. You are doing this. 2. I am doing this. 3. Show me the way to San Jose. What this says about my folding brain is that I could with spic
  • y black bean salsa, chips, & a 6-pack, totally transform the way humans communicate? Couldn't I. Now you try it? Just 1 rule: statements are questions & questions are statements?
  • For example, if I ask, "Are you really going to wear those ugly-ass shoes to church?" Don't answer! That is a statement. At the same time, "We are all screwed!" asks the question
  • "Did you remember to buy toilet paper?" Yes. Questions are statements and statements are questions. 1. I hate you! (Do you have front row tickets to the Bieber concert?). Your turn
  • Alex Trebek prompted. "Who is a preteen with the hots?!" "That's right Mrs. Squat! And that completes the daily double! And now back to our sponsors." Who thinks these question up?
  • It is Mrs. Peabury, an octogenarian savant who lives in the basement of the Jeopardy studio. All night long she writes the problems for the show. No-one realized that she was mad.
  • Mad about that man, Alex Trebek. But her dementia took on new dimensions all the time and her Answers were not always for the right Question but they always worked anyway. One univ
  • ersity professor went postal when the question for "This starship captain kicked the most ass" turned up "who is Picard", but casualties were light & Trebek survived so no bigee.


  1. BlastedHeath Jun 01 2017 @ 21:21

    Yes, Slim, it certainly is.

  2. SlimWhitman Jun 05 2017 @ 03:48

    That was the only thing I could vouch for in what followed...

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