The first we saw of the Carpet King was a

  • The first we saw of the Carpet King was a cloud of dust coming along the road to the farm. My mother was sitting on the step, picking stones out of the dried beans in a big enamel
  • collander. The Carpet King drove up in a fire engine red studabaker. He pulled a samples book out of the back. "You must be the missus, sure is dry here in OK," Mom just stared.
  • "Mam, my carpets are just what you need.How 'bout this here persian garden farsh?Water it & you've got a tropic garden in your livin' room,or Cleopatra's carpet. Just roll yourself
  • down to Cinnabon, you fat gorilla. There, make sure you say hi to Mr. Poodlemop. He has the real map of the mall, the one with the secret passages that make you cry out for jelly
  • -stomached woman in cut-off shirts and biker shorts. Mr. Poodlemop's mall map led me in a secret passage that let me out over the Sbarro restaurant's stove vent which
  • eventually ended with a giant slide. As I was going down it, I paused quickly to wonder where it led, and what the map was really about. I landed in a strange place that I didn't
  • recognize. The trees all marked with posters written in a little known dialect that was easy to confuse with the Queen's men's harsh slang . The gist of the posters
  • Was it said "Na na na"
  • Hey, hey, hey GOODBYE!" And with that he threw the switch, blowing the story into ambiguous smithereens, the plot unraveled, the character's faded into the void & all cried "Fin."
  • "...Or did he?" Christopher Nolan smiled as he finished the final line of his latest film script, satisfied that it was indeed the greatest ending he had ever written. Ever.


  1. SlimWhitman Apr 30 2012 @ 03:54

    Hmm... I would be interested to hear more about the Carpet King.

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