Carl had been working for his boss for twenty

  • Carl had been working for his boss for twenty years. He'd worked his way up from coal miner to vice president of operations. Then his boss' son fumbled into the company and took
  • lots and lots of Riddlin with his Mimosas in the morning. He bounced into work hours late, smoking in the lobby, with his dogs which were not house broken. He ate other people's
  • 'urgent' memos, supplemented with a few of his dogs' biscuits fished from his pockets. The dogs defecated in the plant pots and knocked over the bins, leaving a disgruntled
  • life partner cleaning up the mess. When this is over, they will move ahead with the diabolical plan to conquer the world. They will need just one thing.
  • Peanut buter. But what to choose? So many brands, so many formulas. All natural, chunky or smooth, Skippy or Adams, salt added or salt free. This would take some deliberation,
  • for the peanut butter must be the best peanut butter that the store had to offer if it was to be fit to serve the King. Peanut butter was the essence of life itself. The king must
  • Gorge himself on this delicacy until he could eat no more. Honey topping would of course sweeten the delicacy to guarantee it would be the best!
  • then Godzilla realized "what have i done?" as he looked at Tokyo, now nothing more than a few ruins and a taxi. he had eaten millions of innocent people, who had done nothing.
  • Then the sun shone through the clouds and Godzilla was faced with what he had done. He was mortified at the sheer destruction. With a fleeting thought of his son he turned back.
  • It wasn't too late. Proving that we all have the power of self-reflection and change, Godzilla vowed to become a peaceful pacifist, leaving only smiles in his wake.


  1. NixonBlack Jan 15 2011 @ 02:39

    Haha, I love the ending. Way to bring it home kyerinn. :)

  2. kyerinn Jan 15 2011 @ 06:27

    Aw, thanks! ;)

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