I remember hearing that people would put

  • I remember hearing that people would put coins on the eyes of a dead man as payment for Charon to cross the river Acheron. I wish someone bothered doing that for me because
  • I've been floating aimlessly in the shallows for centuries. Charon isn't the type to give handouts, so I'm hoping someone will find this message in a bottle and send some cash.
  • Being dead is just like living, except for the fact that you don't have a body and you wish you could tell those philosophers that you now know what happens after death.
  • That you know the most secret of secrets, the answer to the eternal question that is the basis of stories, and poems, and salty tears on rainy days.
  • These lines were spoken by the tormented beat poet in the cliche cafe that evening, to the rhythm of tasteful bagpipes and screamcore
  • tracks. Luckily, I had my ear-plugs in at the time and couldn't hear a thing, but I still had fun watching the beat poet gesticulate wildly while imagining that he had bees in his
  • blast furnace. It made me laugh so hard to picture the insects burst into flames and transform into short-died pseudo fireflies that I bought a sensory deprivation tank. It makes
  • An interesting experiment in writing inspiration. It has helped my novel come along faster. It is now up to page 102, a folding story in itself.
  • Yet a Folding Story in itself once folded, never ends. So Twins of folds can go different ways, The possibilities are endless, but what's one hundred started stories, if ones own
  • the future. The rub was making a living out of it. People were always talking about the future but it was always the wrong one. She owned the Future but nobody was paying for it.


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