He wanted to retaliate but he wanted to do

  • He wanted to retaliate but he wanted to do it with style, he torqued the
  • front left and right rear lug-nuts to 5 foot/lbs. This should hold the tires in place just long enough to get up freeway speed. which would fall off first? Which way would it veer
  • ? I stood up and wiped the grass stains off his pants. My sabotaged golf cart was the key to taking out my boss. Where was that lummox anyway?
  • Perhaps my boss was back at the clubhouse sipping mojitos with my friends. I had to fix this golf cart quick and get back there before he revealed the truth about my
  • past. I never meant to lie to anyone; but who would employ an ex-ninja? Who would even believe a guy like me was an ex-ninja? I want a normal life, anyway, so I gotta fix this cart
  • oon I call a life. I'm gonna step out of my tortoise shell. Learn what it means to be human. I retired my bo staff & applied for a job flipping burgers. "Who wants a green-skinned
  • naked ninja turtle reject working at McDonald's?" Surprisingly, I had little trouble finding a job maybe because I could speak Spanish, something I picked up living in Tijuana.
  • Not only do I run the drive-thru and the counter, but I also hang the phone up when college grads ask if we got their resume. They haven't been reading their bun wrappers lately.
  • Having successfully supplanted the cookie as the best place to find your fortune, bun wrappers were helping the wheat industry bounce back from the gluten free diet fad of early
  • onset diabetes avoidance. The wheat industry needed to paint diabetes in a positive light: "If you get a limp amputated from diabetes, you've still lost weight without dieting!"


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