walking down a dark hallway freaks me out.

  • walking down a dark hallway freaks me out. As i walked further and further, it became more silent until.... BAMM!!! shouting as loud as i can... guess what i saw...
  • ". "What did you see Mark?" "Slenderman." The flame of the campfire leapt up at the right moment, causing dramatic effect among the group. Everyone gasped. "He came in a dark suit,
  • telling me that my days are over." Now, the kids got scared even more. "Slenderman in a camp ? Really?" - said one of the teachers. "Cut the nonsense and go to sleep. ALL of you."
  • But none of us could sleep thinking about the Slenderman. What could happen if I saw the Slenderman?
  • We chewed the fat on that question for a while before 1 by 1, we all dozed off. In the middle of the night, I felt someone tap my forehead. "Wanna get the skinny on Slenderman?"
  • "Oh nugget!''i shouted.That was surprising very sudden
  • That I met a famous superstar he had 6 packs and he was too handsome , I wish ...
  • that I could marry him, but I am a guy...
  • When suddenly, we escaped from the homophobia and discrimination surrounding us to a more enlightened place, married, and lived happily until we became unhappy, then divorced.


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