Waking up with stigmata can be embarrassing

  • Waking up with stigmata can be embarrassing if your one stand is sitting around waiting for the breakfast you promised her. "Are you telling me the pancakes were a lie?" The wounds
  • spurted blood from my hands and feet as I scrambled to make my date her pancakes. "Are these red velvet pancakes?" she sneered as she was taking pseudo unintentional communion.
  • I said it was only the goji berry extract and pine extract I was using. She was fond of my red velvet cake. I made that just a week before using the same juice. The result was good
  • , yet a little on the moist side. Next, she pointed to a loaf of bread and demanded to know my secret. Eyes flashing in the dim light, I drew my ritual knife
  • and had the blade sinking into the yeast driven substance. She took a step back and retched. I, on the other hand, proceeded to separate the two loaves, to reveal
  • one bad mamajama. She held it up to the light with rapturous joy.
  • The gemstone glittered in the sunlight. She grinned, knowing it was indeed the real thing. She was going to be rich!
  • Hours later she was still gazing at it. An unearthly light danced in the jewel's glittering depths; its color matched her own eyes. Do you really want to sell it? A voice whispered
  • But she realized she had to. She needed that money for her sick father. Reluctantly, she handed the glowing jewel to the trader, feeling she had somehow made a terrible mistake.
  • But she hadn't.The jewels glow was because it was treated with uranium to give it captivating colors. Once the jewel left the household her dad recovered & lived to a ripe old age.


  1. Woab Dec 10 2016 @ 11:02

    Love that ending, Slim!

  2. earthquakes Dec 10 2016 @ 14:58

    Agreed! Great ending!

  3. SlimWhitman Dec 10 2016 @ 17:48

    Thanks! I did't know before, but there's skuttlebutt that some gemstones get their color from being irradiated, and I wanted to turn the story around so...

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