Was there a way out? The tunnel seemed to

  • Was there a way out? The tunnel seemed to go on forever. The wolf sniffed anxiously at a pile of logs left abandoned on the tiled floor. It wanted
  • to become wood. But it knew that it could only become stone, cold and unyielding like the hunter. Inevitable and dense. This tunnel was not a tunnel of stone, but a tunnel of
  • vitamins. Vitamins were the new food, after all. Every aspect of life in the city had become artificial. Artificial food, artificial animals, artificial
  • buttflaps. In fact, the entire world was just a delusion that he was dreaming with the eighth quarter of his subconscious mind, which was located up his arse. Meanwhile, he took
  • a large dose of Vitamin D and hoped for the best. The sun definitely didn't shine out of his poop extractor so it was important to get the nutrients somehow. But
  • nutrition is such a tricky business. You think you have something, and then the next thing you know you're buying jade eggs and shouting at people outside takeaways. Breathe. This
  • too, shall pass. Literally. You can feel it bumping around in your colon, whistling and groaning like a living thing. But it's just nature's little garbage disposal taking care of
  • the fabrication of futility - nothing could be portended that the bugging sensation was to irrupt; something far more strange than the digestion. It irrupted from the colon and ran
  • down the leg and onto the floor. Every single soul present immediately noticed the faux pas. Any attempt at concealment or distraction was absolutely futile. Embarrassment
  • hung in the air as he tried to think of a dignified way out. “Well, ladies and gentlemen,” he finally began, “THAT didn’t work out as planned! But on to my next magic trick…"


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