Tutti fruity aw rudy, tutti fruity aw rudy,

  • Tutti fruity aw rudy, tutti fruity aw rudy, tutti fruity aw rudy, A wop bop a-loo-bob-a-wob-bam-boo.
  • SlimWhitman was going as Little Richard to the Halloween party! This was the one day of the year he'd actually take his fedora off & show off his thick black hair. Miss Molly
  • was already at the Halloween party. The Purple Professor dressed up as Grimace. 49er Faithful was diving for apples dressed as Joe Montana. Chaz was dressed as "Chet" from
  • the one porno that he watched daily. On the other side of the room, the bowls of food were being eaten by
  • something lurking behind all the fast food containers piling up there. Every once in a while he would almost be distracted from watching his one porno by something speaking from th
  • ' pile of pizza boxes and take-out "Chinese". Was it irony that made this man, desperate to love, capable given the chance, ignore the unsettling voice there nothing should make?
  • That remains to be seen. Suffice it to say that because he had so long ignored his inner voice that he had lost contact with his own soul. His soul would leave phone messages for
  • him but it would always be left on read. He couldn't even sell his soul to the devil because he is too detached from his ghost. He ended up hiring a reverse exorcist to contact it.
  • "So can you, like, just catch my soul and stick it back into my body?" he asked the reverse exorcist. "Yesss," hissed the reverse exorcist, "but for a price..."
  • He trembled to think about the terrible price he would have to pay. “Wh-wh-what’s the price?” he stammered. “Ehhhh, gimme a dollar seventy-five. I’m running a special this month."


  1. Ped_Xing Jun 28 2021 @ 19:30

    Dang. I wish I had $1.75

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