So the Thing was sorely disappointed when

  • So the Thing was sorely disappointed when it realized that this planet had actually already been taken over by the Pod People. What use was hiding as a duplicate of someone else
  • when Portugese Organ Donating People were taking over the planet. Why duplicate when the Portugese are giving themselves away? The disappointed Thing didn't what to
  • what. You know? The what. The thingymajigg. The, uh, flippitygangslupper with chitty-chitty bang bang. Oh no, I've been whatdoyacallited by that gizmo dealy bop. You know, the
  • ...thing," he finished weakly, leaning against the wall. "Oh, you mean this?" she pointed to what covered her left breast. "Uh-huh..." he could barely whisper. "I very very much
  • Think you are hiding something and talking behind my back", he added. She said, "I don't know what you are talking about."
  • It was true, she did not know what he was talking about. How can someone talk behind your back? If they are behind you that means they would be in front of your back.
  • But if they were in back of your front, where would they be? Behind you- or maybe inside your chest cavity somewhere? "Ew. That's gross," she told him in no uncertain terms.
  • But haven't you ever thought about it?" he persisted, "Just a single genetic error could have been fatal, but still so many people are here despite this." She didn't want to listen
  • but she did anyway.
  • The Gods looked down from above. Jove grimaced, Vishnu pondered, Loki smiled, "Pay up guys!"


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