I sent my eyes into the hills to search the

  • I sent my eyes into the hills to search the dark places; to see the dark places. My eyes returned with good report.
  • To begin with, there was much darkness. There was also some darkness, and in conclusion, the overall theme was that of darkness. I took my
  • little black book out of the dark inner pocket of my black leather jacket and jotted down notes in shiny blue ink on the blackened pages.
  • Alibis - Sarah was at Clem's house, Mik was in Ireland, Joan - had a hair appointment, Kyle - was with Janie fishing, Janie - was with Kyle fishing, Custer - where was Custer?
  • As it turned out, Custer was being shot to death at the time, & so was ruled out as a suspect. That left Chief Crazy Horse. Det. Manatee was wary of visiting his teepee, given the
  • sign saying "Whiteys entering this tepee will be killed", but he knocked anyway. "Pardon me, Chief Crazy Horse, but it's me, Det. Manatee here to help prepare your defense."
  • The chief appeared to be a bit pissed, "Manatee...how many times have a told you to not enter my tepee without an invitation? Didn't you read the sign?" "The racist one outside?"
  • The sea monkeys had laboured day and night to build it so it met building standards. Det. Manatee and the chief declared a truce. They had no choice in the matter, really.
  • Truth be told, Det. Manatee and the chief were both delighted with the sea monkeys' efforts. The construction was beautiful & with the disagreement now behind them all were free to
  • sign off on their respective paper-work and return home with the knowledge that a done job was a job well done.


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