She took my hand and lead me upstairs into

  • She took my hand and lead me upstairs into her cellar. I was expecting a kiss, and maybe more. But instead she showed me a pile of rotten carrot ends. "Nate," she said "WHAT
  • on earth is this?
  • "It smells like piss," Jack said disgustedly. "Well," Martha said, hiding her hands in her apron, "it might smell that way, but I swear it's good." "But what IS this?" "It's
  • just an entree of frog legs covered in coagulated alligator blood paste with a side of python in an algae sauce! It's very healthy! Now EAT IT!" Jack was skeptical of Martha's
  • cooking but he didn't want to disappoint so he took a bite it tasted like death times a thousand left out for two weeks to rot. Jack used all his will power to force Martha smiled.
  • Martha wasn't having it. She knew about Jill. Jack had left his cellphone lying around. Sure, he's fetching "water" up there. Martha had a plan to teach old Jack a lesson.
  • Martha set her plan in motion the very next day, when once again Jack went up the hill. She had secretly drilled a hole in his pail. If he came back and hadn't noticed, she'd know
  • that her son had severe schizophrenia. She crossed her fingers and hoped for the best, but sure enough, when he returned, the pail was leaking, just as his cranial fluid was.
  • He had gone down to the transit station and there had been a man there - a homeless man. Some dame from the man's past had carved, "YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT ME," in backwards letters
  • on his forehead so he remembered to be careful every time he looked in the mirror. These days he had no use for mirrors because people would look at him and care with their change.


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