It's a kind of disease really. And I'm seeing

  • It's a kind of disease really. And I'm seeing a therapist about it now. I guess I realized I had a problem when I was texting my girlfriend while driving the bus

  • with my elbows. The second graders in my charge didn't seem to mind; the girls were having loud conversations about whose hair was the shiniest, the boys, bouncing in their seats,

  • The room was raucous. These kids were hard to control. But one girl really did have shinny hair. I wonder how it got like that. Kinda weird really. I wonder if my bald head

  • or her hair was shinier; if there was some way to abstract that, measure it. But they'd told me I couldn't watch kids like this - told me what I did was wrong, that I shouldn't

  • throw stones if I live in a glass house, but my house is plexi-glass so

  • I do what the hell I want! I throw stones day in and day out, play with my crane and wrecking ball, and even sometimes read a good novella or 2. My plexi-glass house is so beast it

  • has tinted glass and a green house where i can grow my own orchids. Sometimes, when I am feeling wild, I roll my stones down a hill and see if they gather moss.

  • If they do i know the day will be a good one. If it does not rain will come in the form of hail and snow, then my orchids won't grow. But today the moss did gather so

  • my orchids grew. However, not only did my orchids grow but I even passed my math test. My day seemed to have been going wonderfully until....

  • I accidentally over watered the Orchids, killing them, because the teacher really found out I was cheating on my test. Now my favorite plant is dead and I am expelled. A great day!



  1. PocketKnight Aug 19 2011 @ 11:57

    Loved this one.

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