Wow. I hate it when FS website changes on

  • Wow. I hate it when FS website changes on you w/o warning. Deep down, I know people like my folds, but I need the satisfaction of seeing it, right there. I'm needy. I dont like cha
  • nge, that is why I still drive my Saturn S-series and text using a flip phone. Not at the same time that would be as reckless as making changes to FS homepage with consulting me!
  • I picked the year 1994 and that's where I live forever.
  • The rest of my life was still ahead of me though. I changed the course of history by deciding to live in 1994. I unfortunately never thought of hanging on to any winning lottery
  • Tickets. But I checked them nightly. The Nokia phone I loved lasted 22 years, before I replaced it in November 2016. They were much better made then and I bought ten in 1994.
  • Counting 2016, the 10 nokias lasted for 12 years, 1.2 years per nokia, amazing! But Black Friday was predicted to be the next day, so I went to Wallmarts to watch the mayhem.
  • Splitting my consciousness into so many different views was difficult, but Black Friday was too good to miss. Omniscience was truly a gift, but was also a burden when combined with
  • my love of surprises. Now that I had omniscience I always knew what people were going to give me for my birthday and who was going to pop in for a visit. Life became a tedious
  • episode of interminable déjà vu. I had to stop knowing everything. Hitting myself in the head with a rubber mallet helped for a minute. Perhaps a lobotomy would do the trick.
  • But my story doesn't end with a lobotomy, it ends with me front of a keyboard, under a patio umbrella, sipping lemonade, cooking burgers on the grill & pressing "Fold & Pass".


  1. SlimWhitman Jul 03 2017 @ 03:55

    Dr. Foldingjoy, or how I learned to stop worrying and love this site.

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