"Ich bin ein Berliner" translates to "I am

  • "Ich bin ein Berliner" translates to "I am a donut.", but most who entered the modest donut shop on Meinigerstrasse associated the name with loftier things. The Baker Manfried's
  • newest ad campaign might be working! The "Ich bin ein Berliner" was flying off the shelves! The Baker Manfried could hardly keep them in the shop. Who doesnt love a good jelly donu
  • t with a saurkraut aftertaste? Hordes of hungry donut gourmands lined up outside Baker Manfried' s shop & he became rich by selling his unique donuts until one day another baker op
  • ened up across the street. This baker called his donuts, Krispy Kreme. This started the Apple Fritter War, a war that lasted for 10 years. Baker Manfried and Krispy Kreme started
  • Making 30 varieties of donuts. Their business was huge, and triggered a second Apple Fritter War. This one lasted 15 years. The wars just never ended.
  • But eventually the cake and pastry economy was forgotten. Nonetheless, the wars raged on. They fought over ice cream toppings. They fought over Coke vs Pepsi. Nobody remembered
  • to close the refrigerator door and all of the contents spoiled, but nobody paid any attention, they were all hell-bent on being right about whether chocolate or vanilla was the
  • finest of the flavors. Gonna get a set of better clubs gonna find the kind with tiny nubs just so my irons aren't always flying off the back swing.
  • So I high tailed it to Golfsnart where the salesman, Paulie Shore, suggested the Weasel brand golf clubs. He assured me that if I wanted the nubs The Weasel would get me the nubs.
  • His enthusiasm was contagious & I walked out the door with $3,567.36 worth of Weasel golf gear. My enthusiasm only lasted as far as my credit card being declined by the nubs.


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