His mind had been inhabited by that bug.

  • His mind had been inhabited by that bug. "Why do you mate with other females?" he asked of Christine, looking puzzled. "Explain your reproduction and we can control your species."
  • However, an alien life form had inhabited Christine's brain and she said, "You don't know me!" The bug inhabiting his mind recoiled and
  • lashed out with its telekenetic abilities; the alien and the bug proceeded to have a mind-fight, while the two humans they were controlling were vastly confused, until finally
  • in a small but powerful explosion, each vaporized the other, leaving their hosts to wonder what they were doing in the middle of
  • space. You see, they'd been told they were in an underground shelter when in face they were blasting off toward Mars. But as more and more meteorites
  • Decimated by three blind mice made Guinness Book of Records five years after the story was first folded. Their ofg
  • an rugs were made of camel hairs, coconut fibers and bits of Chinese silk and their tents of locust wings.The caravaning family of mice carried news of the roman empires graineries
  • , giving rise to a horrendous army of mice on magic rugs heading towards Rome in quest of food. "The rice is cast", Julius Cheddar proclaimed as he swiftly set paw to
  • paper, writing out a treaty with the evil Cats of Parma. The mice's magic rugs were losing steam, and they were not even half way to Rome. Julius Chedder looked at his
  • milk reserve. Almost empty. He took out the scroll he had prepared in case of defeat. "May their whiskers burn!", he mumbled, and he went down proudly, Rome never in sight.


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