Sophie raised her arms and waved, blowing

  • Sophie raised her arms and waved, blowing kisses at the audience. She cocked her hip and skated on one leg, the other bent, and vamped for the crowd. Her pigtails fluttered on her
  • shoulders, and the crowd loved it. Until her dress started to unravel, and she shrieked in embarrassment and horror at her predicament. what should she do?
  • The options are few. The best of the worst might be the winner. Close her eyes and wish it all away, click her heels and hope for Kansas. Could she find a way to go with it?
  • But she couldn't get with it, get it going, & get a move on. "Get along little dogie," she sang to it as she tried to get a grip on it. She finally got over it to get it over with.
  • "GET ON WITH IT!" pleaded the cast of Monty Python & The Holy Grail. "Get Gone, Baby Gone on Blu Ray," whispered my assistant, George. "Forget it," I shrugged and folded
  • "No!" screamed Sir Arthur, Sir Galahad, and the maidens of Anthrax Castle, and certain knights screamed "Ni!", but I'd heard it all before. I wanted something completely different.
  • I wanted to start a super hero comic book series called Root Beer Man™. Sir Arthur and Sir Galahad did not approve of this, because they wanted it to be Dr. Pepper man™
  • but the writers of House MD had taken my idea and changed his name from Dr. Pepper man to Dr. House. I was still mad about it, because Dr Pepper was my favorite not it just left a
  • sour taste in my mouth. There was nothing, no word from any language was adequate for describing the
  • Stench of corruption coming from the back offices.


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