After the party the Prince and Princess rode

  • After the party the Prince and Princess rode off into the night sky on a crystal carriage. When their white steed was barely galloping the carriage stopped and they saw that
  • there was a roadblock up ahead. Men on horseback were checking every carriage that passed them. Princess Dewdrop wondered aloud, "What do they want?" Prince Charming
  • was no help, of course. He was all too eager to impress the authorities with his princely charm, flashing that trademark smile which caused an audible flash of light off his teeth.
  • His hair, however, was another matter. He forgot to comb it, so it appeared like a mop upon his head. His clothes also were also different. He was wearing
  • nothing really, but he cleverly hid this fact by knitting his uncombed hairs into an elaborate crocheted full length dress. The knitters at the knitting convention admired his
  • hooks, but he was no piece of meat. Having knitted his hair into a dress he needed some conditioner. The AC broke in the knitting convention and his hair, dress, was kinking
  • right up under his armpits and making his eyes bulge a little. Let me tell you, bulgey eyes and hair dresses do not compliment one another in any way. The convention was well under
  • way at this point when our hairy bulgy eyed hero, who we shall name Cousin Itt, for obvious reasons, had reached his limit and proceeded to throw up all over himself. Wh
  • At the hell hole called detroit in yellow garb, grandma jones said, "stop!"
  • "Stop!" Grandma Jones yelled again and again. "Stop adding lines that ruin almost finished stories on Folding Story!" With that we shall see if the wolf will cease this tomfollery.


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