How many fleas can stand on the edge of a

  • How many fleas can stand on the edge of a push pin? Do flies like to eat gnats and if so do they attend a lot of baseball games? If I were to sleep upside down with my feet in a po
  • ol of noxious green liquid would they fall off by morning? What would happen if I stuck a metal fork into an electrical outlet? Timmy sat up at night thinking up such questions.
  • Timmy was a fool. He was a fool for death.
  • He was also a fool for getting stuck in the well AGAIN. He cursed loudly and frequently, knowing of the idiocy he had committed.
  • His curses echoed off the well walls and spiraled to the surface where they broke free and roamed the land penetrating the ears of all nearby. "I hear Sam's stuck down the well aga
  • in," everyone says, but no-one does a dad-blamed thing about it. "Stop that nonsense," they yell down the well to Sam, who flips them the bird. Finally, a kindly albatross hears
  • how these two curmudgeons are treating Sam in the well. He swoops down with and tremendous bomb to the eyes and sing as badly as Scuttles he calls in the reinforcements.
  • Some four years, later, Sam was still in the well. Only now he had a decent bunkhole with his private exit and entrance. Snow in June? It was happening outdoors. He was thankful to
  • the groundhog for telling him so. On 2nd thought, the groundhog was getting glaucoma, so what did he know really about the weather? Sam decided having the groundhog as a bunkmate
  • Would keep him warm. He was wrong on that one also. The groundhog always slept rolled up in itself & there was no room for Sam. He died like he was born; in a very thin blanket.


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