Pada pendapat saya, untuk memastikan Singapura

  • Pada pendapat saya, untuk memastikan Singapura kekal bersih, ia memerlukan inisiatif daripada semua pihak.
  • I smiled & nodded. "Really?" I feigned interest. "I had no idea! How interesting!" While Pada continued to explain...whatever...I began watching his mustache as he talked.
  • After a while I became convinced that Pada's 'stache was also bored out of its mind by the insistent rambling, and was begging me to throttle Pada to put them both out of
  • mind before I lost it. Yet the more I thought about the situation, the harder it was to think of anything else. Somehow I had to shave Pada's unhappy 'stache without him knowing.
  • It must have been a kind of psychic self-defense. The morning after I contrived to shave Pada's moustache, we learned Mama, Julian, Balthazar, Alexia were dead, the whole Circle, e
  • ntire generation of mind-benders. Vanished. I ran out and toward Michail's house. I had to inform him of this terrible sequence of events that are occurring. I couldn't lie anymore
  • but cI ouldn't tell him the truth either. I decided on 20 questions with yes or no answers. "What is the terrible sequence of events?" asked Michail. "It's gotta be yes or no!"
  • "Fine, were you the terrible event?" Michail asked. "Yes," I said. "Did, you kill professor Plumb in the Library with a candle stick?" "Yes and no." Damn he was getting close to th
  • E truth. Professor Plumb was digging too deep in the memory hole for my taste. The moment my foot grew rabbit fur I knew I was in trouble. I grew ears too. What was going on
  • in the cabbage patch, I wondered. All I could think of was fresh vegetables and making whoopie and whether or not Mr. MacGregor would catch me. It was a fine state of affairs.


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