Back in his thatched and round abode, Merlin

  • Back in his thatched and round abode, Merlin laid out his cloak of black feathers near the peat fire and sat to type out the lyrics for his next top-40 hit. The old black Royal cla
  • cked and the return carriage rang as he wrote line after line. Suddenly there was a loud banging at the thick oak door. Merlin peered out the small round window to see a short, fat
  • , bald woman with thick lips & (he had to look twice to make sure) a goatee. "I see you in there, you no-good sonofabitch! Come out now or I'll break the door down!" He had no idea
  • who this bearded woman at his door was or what she wanted. He began to think frantically how to escape. Running for the fire escape he saw a midget & a clown climbing up toward him
  • . The clown had a beard and as did the midget. They circled him and started singing as the cross-dresser also joined this rotation. He felt nauseous at the scene before him
  • as he had already experienced the sick sensation the previous day. He proceeded to exit the building and take a walk down the street, seeing a man sitting on the ground.
  • As he attempted to explain to me with gesturous enthusiasm why it was exactly that he was sitting on the floor I walked past paying no attention to him. This was largely because of
  • Everyone else doing that, as if it was performance art. There were pairs of shoes everywhere as well, so I had to pay attention and try not to trip over anything. What kind of
  • tool even wore Crocs anymore? I had to physically restrain myself from "accidentally" stepping on them. Besides, time was of the essence and I still had to
  • buy shoelaces for the homeless man on 4th street, who had loose Crocs.


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