She was reminded of when she used to take

  • She was reminded of when she used to take her lunch hour in the form of a nap in a hidden corner on the cold linoleum floor in the Cold Room. Outside it was 110° and she wished she
  • had married Kunikpok the Eskimo back when he was still around. She decided that very afternoon to run off to Alaska to look him up. Anything was better than this humid southern
  • kettle corn. She had forgot to let it vent again and it came out moist. When she got to Alaska she found the whole state in refugee mode thanks to yesterday's Trump EPA Executive O
  • rder. Alaskans are all terrorists. All of them. And even worse, they are immigrants. So they have been ordered to return to their homeland - Pangea. Trump did not explain how
  • He had decided the whole world needed to go back to a One State Solution. In a Now classic Trump pivot he is not set on a course to MAKE PANGEA GREAT AGAIN!®
  • But the poor guy was frustrated at every turn. The Bilderbergers told Trump they already had things covered. Then he nearly lost his right arm trying his crush-and-pull handshake
  • Trump had an iron grip as strong as mountains and as vicious as a bears. Many envied his great strength and power that some began to look towards others for guidance and aid.
  • They conjured up the ghosts of Voltaire & Ted Bundy, who together would restore balance to the experiment that was Humanity. They were not alone. They had as ally Thalé Outsider.
  • He was the best meat eater around. I was mostly vegetarian, like Voltaire. Voltaire was a great cook! His recipes were famous.
  • I particularly like his Zadig'n'Dip and his Candide Salad.


  1. LunaSta Jul 03 2017 @ 16:51

    What a candide ending. ;p

  2. LordVacuity Jul 04 2017 @ 00:27

    Half of my end is in that salad but no Bishop's ass.

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