The young boy was walking on the side of

  • The young boy was walking on the side of the road heading to his friends home, and had brought with him his ipod, phone, and pet dog. He was just turning the corner past a car when
  • he came across a road sign that read: "You are now in The Know." Billy's dog was instantly upgraded with an intelligence chip. "Disobedience is dog's original virtue," Spunky said.
  • His dog could talk and had Buddha-nature! Billy asked Spunky, “If I could ask only one question, what would it be?” Spunky replied, “Do people do stupid things with smart phones?"
  • "That's it! yes. Oh my god, you are wise, O Great Bag Of Fleas. Tell me, what should I have for dinner?" Spunky replied "I cannot tell you the answer, but I can show you the path
  • He led me to the dumsters behind "Le Gourmand". I found half eaten beaf tartar, brazed foie gras & a deflated souffle. "Thankyou O Great Bag of Fleas!", I intoned. "Call me OGBOF
  • ." "No, I think I won't," I replied, which was just as well because my mouth soon became pretty occupied. The things Americans have to do to get jobs. He continued to stuff my
  • mouth with jelly beans. He was training me to break a record. How had my awesome career as Commander Riker come to this? The trombone episodes had shown him my cheek potential
  • , but Deanna never liked my cheek, or my beard. Some days, I just wonder when she stares at the bald head of our captain, reading his thoughts. Who knows? I pulled my trombone back
  • into the garage. I'd been through this routine several times with the trombone-mobile. Always thought it could rival the Wienermobile, but the last time was such a disaster. Kids
  • really just have a think for wieners, I guess. My dreams had always been to bring joy through my trombone, but I guess, for now, second best would have to do.


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