At the end said my friends that they are

  • At the end said my friends that they are going to play with me... said little kite and one day all the kites were flying high and high in the sky. That's the best part of the party
  • The kite spontaneously burst into flames. Dean Martin then put out his cigar in his gin fizz and said to the celebrity roast ensemble, "
  • "So folks... we're all here to decide what to do about Mr O'Connelly, Jerry. What are we gonna do?" "Blow him up!" said one. Dean Martin gave him a slow, hard look.
  • Dean Martin giving someone a hard look was a shift in polarity akin to June Cleaver suddenly becoming a serial killer. Jerry slit O'Connelly's throat, sparing him the torture in
  • in the john with Sinatra. Rip Taylor burst in and threw confetti that got stuck in Redd Foxx's eyes. He yelled, "You big dummy!' Don Ho was eating a pile of pork ribs and then
  • blowing tiny bubbles of Hoisun Sauce into the air. Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton were singing at the piano, but no one could understand the words. Sherman Helmsley was
  • dead, but no one noticed. That's the way it went at these Nick at Night afterparty parties. The Overthehill Gang, as they were known, continued to take tequila shots from his navel
  • ignoring the jello nearby. This overthehill gang is well known for their parties. Party till your dead is their motto and many do just that. By morning they
  • were down about a dozen, it had been quite a party, he would need to get help with the deadwood, and some buckets to mop up the mess, it smelled bad he thought, but he'd smelt much
  • worse at the Sunset Retirement Home for the Incontinent. But that was another story altogether.


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