I wonder how many fingernails sit undigested

  • I wonder how many fingernails sit undigested in my stomach from all the times I absently gnawed them from my fingers? I'm certainly adding to the collection right now...Waiting for
  • the other shoe to drop. Geez! How long was this going to take? I glanced down at my thumb and noticed a tiny little ridge of nail left. I set to work on it, my teeth
  • grinding those buttery nail beds. That's it, I stood up and shouted, "I am studying some IT shit and will soon finish this!" And I shot the overhead projector with
  • my world-famous level 43 glance of diminishing. I had the Enigma Rune Word, mana wasn't an issue. "I sure showed them," I thought. Little did I know they swiped my onyx d20 while I
  • was corroborating my Soldier's Encampment feats.Without my lucky onyx d20, my pursuit of the Arcane Ranger was going to be severely crippled. Not that I needed a crit with my bonus
  • weapon modifier. I went to my Lvl. 20 Grand Master Therapist and asked him what I could do, but he rolled a critical failure and had to tell me to leave. I was devastated.
  • At least on paper, but the lines were beginning to blur, and I was sure I was seeing kobolds in my morning coffee and chaotic neutral elves at my bus stop. My girlfriend's disappe
  • arance was categorised so far as unexplained, but I knew the Horde had to have a hand in it. I put my hand on the replica Frostmourne concealed in my backpack. n00b pwning time.
  • I unsheathed the Frostmourne and faced a horde of wolves. Showdown time.
  • And then: "Your dinner's ready" from downstairs. "AAAHH MOM!" I protested, "I'm busy!".


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